Bengaluru and Chennai, India, January 2016

In January 2016 I visited two centres in India. With me were Tanya Collin-Histed, Helen Whitehead from the UK Gauchers Association, Elin Davies, a dear friend and colleague with whom I have worked for over 15 years, and founder and CEO of Aparito, a wearable technology company, and two young type III Gaucher adults, Sara Khan and Radhika Dhayatker.

We first went to Bengaluru, where we were guests of Dr Meenakshi Bhat, a clinical geneticist at the Centre for Human Genetics. Meenakshi has worked with LSD families for many years. I had visited the centre several times in the past.

We participated in clinics and a CME event, at which Radhika and Sara both spoke. We also had an opportunity to meet Kiran Majumdar-Shaw, CEO of Biocon, the largest biopharmaceutical compnay in India.

Some pictures from the visit below

We then traveled to Chennai, where we were guests of Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh, clinical geneticist at Mediscan at the Republic Day MDT clinic that I have referred to earlier.

Elin has developed wearable technology which her company is testing out in Gaucher disease patients. Manjit Singh, President of LSDSS, had kindly arranged for some type I patients to attend on the day of the clinic so that Elin could demonstrate the wearable and patients could begin testing it.

Pictures below


Author: Ashok Vellodi

I have had a lifelong interest in lysosomal storage disorders. Having recently retired I now have time to pursue my passion for teaching and training of young doctors and scientists, and hopefully instil in them the passion for their patients that is so integral to working in this field.

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