Amman, Jordan, 2014 and 2015

I have visited Jordan twice, in 2014 and in 2015. On both occasions I was a guest of Dr Mohammad Antaki, President of the Jordanian Gaucher Association, and conducted clinics with him for LSD patients.

In 2014, I travelled alone. In 2015, I travelled with Helen Whitehead, Patient and Family Support Worker at the UK Gauchers Association, and two type III Gaucher young adults, Irma Shah and Nadia Fattouki. Dr Antaki arranged for us to meet with officials from the Health Ministry to discuss ways and means of establishing specialist clinics for Gaucher Disease in Jordan. We also visited the private Aljazeera Hospital, where we were shown around by Dr Nader AL-Khalili, its executive director.

Some pictures from my visits



Author: Ashok Vellodi

I have had a lifelong interest in lysosomal storage disorders. Having recently retired I now have time to pursue my passion for teaching and training of young doctors and scientists, and hopefully instil in them the passion for their patients that is so integral to working in this field.

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